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Wholenote Magazine ... external link

... Martin Lohse’s In Liquid (2008/2010) is one of the most original works for accordion I have ever heard. Mogensen makes his brutal technical part sound so easy in this quasi minimalistic exercise in shifting fluid breathtaking sounds. ...
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29 June 2012 - Tiina Kiik

San Francisco Chronicle ... external link

How's this for an improbable turn of events: The most beautiful, dramatic and sheerly irresistible disc of new music to cross my desk in months is a compilation of four Scandinavian accordion concertos....

... The newer works are even more striking - Anders Koppel's Concerto Piccolo begins with an eerie dreamscape that will give you chills, while Martin Lohse's In Liquid covers a range of styles without abandoning its distinctive and forceful voice.
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13 May 2012 - Joshua Kosman

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