Concerto in tempi (accordion & string orchestra)

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Instrumentation of the work Concerto in tempi (accordion & piano, second edition) by Martin Lohse.
The work is orchestrated in 6 versions.

Work Year
Concerto in tempi (accordion & piano, first edition) 2010
Concerto in tempi (accordion & piano, second edition) 2012
Concerto in tempi (accordion & string orchestra) 2012
Concerto in tempi (accordion & string quintet) 2012
Concerto in tempi (accordion & string quartet) 2012
Concerto in tempi (accordion & cello quartet) 2012


Download score (pdf)


Concerto in tempi for accordion & string orchestra (sample)

Studio-recording made by samples Vienna Symphonic Library



Composer Martin Lohse
Title Concerto in tempi
Subtitle Mobile II

Composition year 2012

Movements 1
Duration 11 min

Genre orchestral music
Number of instruments +10
Instrumentation accordion & string orchestra

Score notation computer (Sibelius)
Pages 29
Free score yes

Recording type sample

Musical styles and elements minimalistic, expressive, concertante

Program note

Concerto in tempi
Mobile II

Concerto in tempi for accordion & string orchestra is an arrangement of the original score for accordion & piano from 2010 (revised 2012), and it's dedicated to Bjarke Mogensen.

Romantic melodies, short glimpse of baroque music, rhythmic flows, static chords, concentrated figures, slow motives, music in 5/4, 4/8, 12/16, 2/4, 9/16, 3/4, 6/32, 4/4, tempos from 72 to 192, all combined in a simple pattern of 3 major thirds, like the pure coloured light from a beautiful glass mosaic.

A musical technique where different layers of music in individual tempos, metric and musical style are combined in a simple pattern of chords, which slowly modulate through all the keys in a newer ending sequence, creating a music with no or very few dissonances.

I've developed the technique by combining different musical methods used in older works.

  1. Use of multiple layers of music, which have been a important part of my music since 2000.
  2. A simple repeating sequence of chords as the only harmonic material in the piece, which creates a music on the move, in a never ending modulation from the start to the end.
    Used in works like Haiku (1999), In liquid... (2003) and Image balancantes (2004).
  3. A 'rhythm across harmony' principle, where different together sounding motives are played in individual tempos across the rhythm of the chords.

First used in Smoke (2000) and developed as a technique in Liebestraum (Liszt arrangement from 2005), and later used in 8 momenti mobile (2008) before it finally evolved to the technique used in Moto immoto (2009-10) and in this work.

Martin Lohse 2010

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Facts about Concerto in tempi (accordion & string orchestra)RDF feed
ComposerMartin Lohse +
Composition date30 March 2012 +
Composition year2012 +
Concertotrue +
Concerto with string orchestratrue +
Duration11 min (660 s, 0.183 hour) +
Free scoretrue +
Genreorchestral music +
Instrumentationaccordion & string orchestra +
Instrumentsaccordion + and string orchestra +
Musikal stylesminimalistic +, expressive + and concertante +
N87 +
Number of instruments+10 +
Number of movements1 +
Orchestral musictrue +
Page typeversion +
Pages29 +
Recording typesample +
Score notationcomputer (Sibelius) +
SubtitleMobile II +
TitleConcerto in tempi +
Worktrue +
Work pagenameConcerto in tempi (accordion & string orchestra) +
Work statusactive +
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