In liquid... (accordion and piano, second version)

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Chamberwork by Martin Lohse

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The work is in three version for accordion and piano

  1. First version (2008)
    Recomposition of the chamber work In Liquid...for violin & piano, with a new 4. movement.
    Duartion app. 23 min.
  2. Second version (2009)
    4. movement in a shorter version.
    Duartion app. 17 min.
  3. Third version (2011)
    Scherzo in 3. movement replaced by a cadenza.
    Duartion app. 16 min.

The work has been orchestrated in two versions for accordion and symphony orchestra:

  1. Accordion concerto, first version (2008) corresponds to first version (accordion and piano)
  2. Accordion concerto, second version (2010) corresponds to third version (accordion and piano)

All versions and orchestrations

In liquid... (violin and piano)2003
In remembrance... (violin concerto)2008
In liquid... (accordion and piano, first version)2008
In liquid... (accordion and piano, second version)2008/2009
In liquid... (accordion and piano, third version)2008/2009/2011
In liquid... (accordion concerto, first version)2008
In liquid... (accordion concerto, second version)2008/2010
In liquid... (accordion concerto, string orchestra)2008/2010/2019


Composer Martin Lohse
Title In liquid...

Work number W.26b
Composition year 2008/2009

Movements 4
Duration 17 min

Genre chamber music
Number of instruments 2
Instrumentation accordion and piano

Score notation computer (Sibelius)
Pages 29
Free score yes
Published yes

First performance 26 Jun 2009

by Bjarke Mogensen and David Lau Magnussen
place Nafplion Festival, Nafplion, Greece

Musical styles and elements modern, expressive, concertante

Program note

In English

In liquid... (2008)
for accordion and piano
second version

  1. Andante semplice. Allegretto. Allegro. Vivace
  2. Andante. Allegro. Meno allegro
  3. Scherzo: Allegro molto e con brio. Andante. Moderato
  4. Allegro moderato. Andante cantabile e molto semplice

In Liquid... is dedicated to Bjarke Mogensen and David Lau Magnussen.

The title especially relate to the liquid feeling of time.

Repetitions, sequences and patterns slowly changes between each other, displacement of the tempo by accelerating step by step or freezing the tempo in a nearly statical felling of time – maybe a feeling of long lost times, which lives on in our remembrance and is blending with our presence right now.

Martin Lohse 2011

In Danish

In liquid... (2008)
for akkordion og piano
anden version

  1. Andante semplice. Allegretto. Allegro. Vivace
  2. Andante. Allegro. Meno allegro
  3. Scherzo: Allegro molto e con brio. Andante. Moderato
  4. Allegro moderato. Andante cantabile e molto semplice

In Liquid... er dedikeret til Bjarke Mogensen og David Lau Magnussen.

Titlen betyder: ”I flydende...”, og henviser især til den flydende fornemmelse af tid: Gentagelser, sekvenser og mønstrer ændres langsomt eller flettes ind og ud imellem hinanden. Tempoer forskydes; bliver hurtigere og hurtigere eller fryser fast i en nærmest statisk tidsfornemmelse – måske en fornemmelse af en svunden tid, som lever i vores erindring, og som blander sig med vores tilstedeværelse her og nu…

Martin Lohse 2011


All versions of - In liquid...

Concert Hall, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark
Wednesday 5 February 2020, 19:30
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Debut concert - Martin Lohse
Royal Danish Academy of Music - Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday 19 October 2004
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Preproduction in the Danish Radio 11 Oct 2004
Danish Radio P2, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday 19 October 2004
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Pre debut - Martin Lohse
Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
Monday 18 October 2004
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==Reviews== All versions of - In liquid...

Expert reviews

International Record Review (July-August 2012)

... I don’t recall previously hearing any music by the Hans Abrahamsen-student Martin Lohse (b.1971) – painter and poet as well as composer – but I shall certainly be keeping my ears open from now on, since his 16-minute In Liquid... is unassertively lovely...
... Lohse knows how to caress the ear and stimulate the mind at the same time: In Liquid … is all the more touching for the understatement of its emotional burden. ...
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6 July 2012 - Martin Anderson

User reviews

Amazon - review ... external link

As a part of this “flow” Lohse explores poly-tempi at several places in the score, calling for the accordion to accelerate while the orchestra remains at a constant speed to thrilling effect.
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8 May 2019 - Sue Leigh Waugh

Amazon - review ... external link

In Liquid, another commission by Mogensen, is radically different. Martin Lohse's work is almost a study in slow motion. Lohse draws out every single note both from the ensemble and the soloist. The sensation is similar to trying to run underwater. And the enforced slowness of the composition makes the listener pay closer attention to the music as it passes by. An effective work, and one that completely removes the accordion from its popular roots.
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24 May 2012 - RGraves321

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