Resonance (guitar trio)

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Guitar trio by Martin Lohse.

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Studio recording by Copenhagen Guitar Trio
Live-recording by Copenhagen Guitar Trio at Lundehus Church 25 October 2015.


Composer Martin Lohse
Title Resonance
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Work number W.45
Composition year 2015

Movements 1
Duration 8 min

Genre chamber music
Number of instruments 3
Instrumentation guitar trio

Score notation computer (Sibelius)
Pages 12
Free score yes

First performance Oct 2015

by Copenhagen Guitar Trio
place Iceland

Musical styles and elements modal, melodic, minimalistic

Program note


for guitar trio

Starting with a long slow accelerando, Resonance develops from a slow repetative movement into a fast, rhythmical piece with an expressive melodi between the whirling notes ending with the melody in a pure form played as harmonics in the guitars.

Resonance is dedicated to Copenhagen Guitar Trio

A musical technique where different layers of music in individual tempos, metric and musical style are combined in a simple pattern of chords, which slowly modulate through all the keys in a newer ending sequence, creating a music with no or very few dissonances.

I've developed the technique by combining different musical methods used in older works.

  1. Use of multiple layers of music, which have been a important part of my music since 2000.
  2. A simple repeating sequence of chords as the only harmonic material in the piece, which creates a music on the move, in a never ending modulation from the start to the end. Used in works like Haiku (1999), In liquid... (violin and piano) (2003) and Image balancantes (2004).
  3. A 'rhythm across harmony' principle, where different together sounding motives are played in individual tempos across the rhythm of the chords.

First used in Smoke (2000) and developed as a technique in Liebestraum (Liszt arrangement from 2005), and later used in 8 momenti mobile (2008) before it finally evolved to the technique used in Concerto in tempi from 2010 and forward.

Martin Lohse 2015


for guitar trio

Startende med et langt accelerando, udvikler Resonance sig fra en langsom repetativ sats til et hurtig, rytmisk stykke med en melodi der kommer frem mellem hvirvlende noder, for til sidst at ende med melodien i ren form, spillet som flageoletter I de tre guitarer.

Resonance er dedikeret til Copenhagen Guitar Trio

En teknik hvor forskellige lag af musik i hver deres tempo, metrik og musikalsk stil kombineres i et simpelt mønster af akkorder, som langsomt modulere igennem alle tonearter i en uendelig sekvens, skabende en musik med ingen eller ganske få dissonanser.

Martin Lohse 2015


All versions of - Resonance

Concert Copenhagen Guitar Duo
Nordens Hus, Sturlugötu 5, Reykjavík, Iceland
Saturday 17 October 2015, 15:00
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