Moto immoto (symphony orchestra, second edition)

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Work by Martin Lohse for symphony orchestra

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Moto immoto
Made with samples from Vienna Symphonic Library


The work is orchestrated in 7 versions.

Moto immoto (tape)2009
Moto immoto (accordion duo)2009/2010
Moto immoto (accordion)2009/2011
Moto immoto (accordion duo, short version)2009/2011
Moto immoto (accordion, violin, cello and contrabass)2009/2011
Moto immoto (sinfonietta)2009/2016
Moto immoto (symphony orchestra, second edition)2009/2018


Composer Martin Lohse
Title Moto immoto
Subtitle Mobile I

Work number W.35
Composition year 2009/2018

Movements 1
Duration 11 min

Genre orchestral music
Number of instruments +10
Instrumentation symphony orchestra

Score notation computer (Sibelius)
Pages 28
Free score yes
Published yes

Recording type studio

Musical styles and elements modal, meditative, expressive

Program note

Moto immoto
for symphony orchestra
second edition

Moto immoto (motion in the motionless) was composed in 2009 as an electroacustic piece, created with samples from Vienna Symphonic Library as a virtual piece for symphonic orchestra. The scoring and rearrangement for live symphonic orchestra was first written in 2010 with a new second version made in 2018.

A simple pattern of 6 major thirds represents all the harmonics in the piece. It counts in 5/4 and are slowly moving through all the keys forming an irreversible feeling of lost times and sorrow. Insistent figures across the rhythm of the chords in the strings and especially in the brass creates a counterpoint to the slow music, but it really doesn't change the somehow transcendental feeling of the work.

A musical technique where different layers of music in individual tempos, metric and musical style are combined in a simple pattern of chords, which slowly modulate through all the keys in a newer ending sequence, creating a music with no or very few dissonances.

I've developed the technique by combining different musical methods used in older works.

  1. Use of multiple layers of music, which have been a important part of my music since 2000.
  2. A simple repeating sequence of chords as the only harmonic material in the piece, which creates a music on the move, in a never ending modulation from the start to the end. Used in works like Haiku (1999), In liquid... (violin and piano) (2003) and Image balancantes (2004).
  3. A 'rhythm across harmony' principle, where different together sounding motives are played in individual tempos across the rhythm of the chords.

First used in Smoke (2000) and developed as a technique in Liebestraum (Liszt arrangement from 2005), and later used in 8 momenti mobile (2008) before it finally evolved to the technique used in Concerto in tempi from 2010 and forward.

Martin Lohse 2018


Moto immoto
for symphony orchestra
anden version

Moto immoto (bevægelse i det ubevægelige) blev i 2009 komponeret som et elektroakustisk værk med samples fra Vienna Symphonic Library som et virtuelt stykke for symfoniorkester. Værket blev arrangeret for live symfoniorkester i første version i 2010 samt anden version i 2018.

Et simpelt mønster af 6 store tertser bevæger sig langsomt igennem alle tonearter i en musik med ingen eller ganske få dissonanser, hvilket skaber en ren men også sorgfuld følelse af tabt tid. Undervejs afbrydes den mere transcendentale musik af hurtigere mere tætte afsnit, hvilket dog ikke ændrer på den grundlæggende mere meditative stemning i værket.

Martin Lohse 2018


All versions of - Moto immoto

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Studio Scene Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark
Wednesday 7 September 2016, 19:30
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Dacapo recording
Fuglsang Concert Hall, Toreby, Denmark
Wednesday 25 May 2016
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Dacapo recording
Fuglsang Concert Hall, Toreby, Denmark
Tuesday 17 May 2016
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Mythos - accordion duo
Rav Museet, Varde, Denmark
Sunday 7 April 2013
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Holbæk Kunsthøjskole, Holbæk, Denmark
Friday 14 September 2012, 16:00
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