Forandring (chamber ensemble)

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Work by Martin Lohse for chamber ensemble. Can be played by an amateur chamber ensemble

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The work is orchestrated in 2 versions.

Forandring (chamber ensemble)2002
Forandring (quintet)2002/2012


Composer Martin Lohse
Title Forandring
Title in English Changing
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Work number W.12
Composition year 2002

Movements 1
Duration 7 min

Genre music for amateurs
Number of instruments +10
Instrumentation chamber ensemble

Score notation computer (Sibelius)
Pages 18
Free score yes
Published yes

Musical styles and elements modal, melodic

Program note

for chamber ensemble

Forandring (Changing) has been written for young people playing in a music school ensembles.

Duration app. 7 min.

Martin Lohse 2002


2 Flauti dolce, soprano
2 Flauti
2 Sassofoni alto in Mib
1 Corno in F
2 Trombe in C
Violini 1
Violini 2
2 Pianoforti

The score is transposing

The score can be played with other combinations of instruments

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