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Mogensen Lohse: Mobile, Works for Solo Accordion ... external link
29 Mar 2018 Accordions Worldwide April 2018
Review by: Alessandro Mugnoz

Work by Lohse: Passing (accordion)
Cd: Mobile - Works for Solo Accordion. Gateway Music

Bjarke Mogensen plays Domenico Scarlatti*
Mogensen – Lohse: Mobile, Works for Solo Accordion*

This time we present two recording works, by Danish accordionist Bjarke Mogensen, which at first sight would seem very distant from each other, yet in reality and instead, are deepening their genesis and we find that they actually contain some common points.

These are two monographic CDs: the first dedicated to Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), while the second is dedicated to the contemporary Danish composer Martin Lohse (1971).

Regarding the first CD, there are musicians and critics who question the use of the accordion in the Baroque repertoire dedicated to instruments such as the harpsichord ... but listening to the transcriptions, and related interpretations, of 13 Sonatas of the great Italian musician, by of the same Mogensen, one immediately becomes convinced of the opposite.

Impeccable technique, engaging sound, passionate but congruent interpretation at the same time; "Lyric" in slow / moderate times, brilliant and snappy in the bright times.

Even the program, chosen appropriately and with great care - bringing together rather varied musical situations and textures, often in contrast with each other - enhances the instrument, and also the same passages, which literally live again in a new light.

On the second CD there are compositions, original for accordion solo - in the first world recording, by the Danish Martin Lohse, with whom Mogensen has collaborated for 10 years.

And it must be said that this collaboration has been rather fruitful and has certainly given good results! These works are inspired by the Sonatas of Scarlatti (and here is the link with the other album) and are based, above all the last ones in temporal order, on a personal technique of the author called "mobile": or different levels, concerning time, meter , textures, style blend on various melodic cues and simple harmonic patterns, which "slip" gradually modulating through the 12 tones, as in a continuous perpetual motion, all without or with very few dissonances.

Fresh music, contemporary but not excessively "intellectual" and not at all hermetic, indeed sincere and communicative, often captivating, which show strong roots with the great Western "classical" tradition; a happy combination, just like in Scarlatti, of lightness and playfulness with passion and solemnity.

Selections that particularly impressed me: Passing I, II, III, Menuetto, Cadenza and Momentum I, II, III.

Music that surely reconciles the audience with contemporary "cultured" music and that undoubtedly enrichs the specific repertoire for the accordion.

Review by Alessandro Mugnoz, April 2018